There's only ONE Tan Tropics - Accept NO Substitute!
  • Now with MORE Beds to Serve You!
  • Meticulously Clean Salon.
  • Climate Controlled Environment.
  • Trained, Certified Consultants.
  • Exceptional Customer Service.
  • Luxurious Furnishings.
  • Static Free XMģ Satellite Music.
  • ALL High Velocity Beds.
  • Off Street Parking
  • Ohio Licensed & Certified
  • Stunningly Beautiful Facility

The North Coast's Premier Australian Gold Salon!

You can go so many places to get a tan so why come to Tan Tropics? Because you'll get your best tan ever...GUARANTEED!

We have the best tanning equipment in the market. We use COMMERCIAL GRADE Tanning Equipment, not home equipment in a commercial setting. We upgrade and update our equipment regularly. We do routine maintenance on all of our equipment to keep it functioning at peak performance.

We completely re-lamp our units (not rotate our lamps) BEFORE the manufacturerís recommended lifetime expires. You'll never see us make a fuss about "new lamps" because they're ALWAYS new. Most salons donít change their lamps until the life is completely used up or they "rotate" their lamps; meaning only half of the lamps are new all the time. In fact, not only are our bulbs new, but at any given time, complete sets of NEW replacement bulbs are in-house. We DON'T take chances with YOUR tan! This is just one of the things we do to guarantee you the best tan ever.

Cleanliness is EVERYTHING at Tan Tropics. Our staff cleans the beds after EVERY use with disinfectants that surpass Health Department standards. And we donít stop there. Each room is cleaned from floor to ceiling EVERY SINGLE day.

Did we mention that customer service and satisfaction are of the utmost importance at Tan Tropics? Our friendly, certified staff is available to assist you. If you're EVER dissatisfied just let us know and we'll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to rectify your situation.


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