Bronzer - For darker, more immediate results, bronzers supplement a tan with a light self-tanner that delivers color in2-3 hours as a natural tan develops..
Cooling - This lotion delivers a unique sensation that cools skin during tanning.
Accelerator - This lotion increases your tanning results.
Moisturizer - This lotion provides moisturizer, leaving your skin extra soft.
Tingle -Available in a range of intensity, the redding and heating sensation of these lotions increase mirco-circulation in the skin for greater tanning results. It is not recommended for sensitive skin tanners. A spot test is recommended prior to use.

Australian Gold® tanning formulas are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest-looking skin possible, so the tan you get is your own...naturally!

The Australian Gold Institute™ researchers are pioneers in the creation of premium tanning and skincare products, so every Australian Gold® tanning formula you buy contains years of tanning and skincare research that leads the tanning industry.

The Power of Choice™ That's right - We make it possible to get exactly the kind of tan you want at the price you can afford. It's all done for you with the Australian Gold® Power of Choice™, which breaks down the 26 Australian Gold® tanning blends into four groups: Good, Better, Best or Premium categories. Whatever your tanning and skin care goals may be, the Australian Gold® Power of Choice™ will help you choose the right product to achieve the rich, dark tan and beautiful, healthy-looking skin you crave.

Make your next tanning experience an adventure in luxury, visit Tan Tropics today.


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