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  Internal Cooling System
6, 110 CFM cooling fans strategically positioned throughout canopy and base to maximize air intake and exhaust. Cooling system main-tenance is accomplished quickly and efficiently via Easy Access Fan Panels.
  Canopy Lift System
2, Heavy-duty, pressur-ized cylinders designed and manufactured to handle the precise physical dimension and weight load of the system. Allows the canopy to be lowered and raised with easy, fingertip control.
Acrylite OP-4 / .170 thickness per sheet. Highest level of UV-Transmission. Exclusive design and forming process strength-en molecular structure. Body weight is distributed evenly over entire acrylic shield. Eliminates uneven wear, extends life.
  Acrylic Fasteners
Easy-turn fasteners allow the acrylic to be removed and installed quickly. No tools needed ? a quarter will do!
  Extended Tanning Surface
Unique crescent staggered lamp configuration extends the usable tanning surface by up to 15%. Expansive tanning area maximizes lamp efficiency and total effectiveness of the unit.
  Easy Access Fan Panel
Accessing the unit‚s internal cooling fans is a breeze. Maintenance is accomplished quickly and easily.
  500 lb. User Capacity
12 Gauge steel mainframe super-structure = 500 lb. user capacity.

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