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Tan Tropics, the tanning industry and what you should know:
  • Ohio is one of the most regulated states with regards to the tanning industry.
  • Tan Tropics is licensed by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. Inspections insuring regulatory compliance are made annually. The reports are posted for customer viewing.
  • We post our license, a copy of the tanning rules / regulations, and a comprehensive list of medications that could possibly cause a reaction resulting from uv exposure. Customers are encouraged to review these prior to tanning.
  • All Tan Tropics consultants pass an extensive certification test and their diploma is present in the salon.
  • Customer tanning history, i.e. dates, beds and exposure times are recorded in the company's computer database. This data is reviewed by inspectors for compliance. It also serves as a basis for ongoing tanning recommendations.
  • All tanning units are linked to the centralized computer system preventing customers from altering exposure times in the rooms.
  • At Tan Tropics all customer personalized data is fully protected from intentional or accidental misuse.
  • Beds, types of bulbs, and a recommended exposure schedule are regulated at the federal level.
  • All customers are provided federally approved eye protection for their use and safety.
  • All tanning units a properly sanitized and all towels are properly treated subsequent to use and prior to the next customer exposure.

    Professional organization
    Tan Tropics is a member of the smart tan network, a trade organization for the tanning professionals.

    What is reality? and why are there tanning salons?
    Reality is...

  • Families take vacations to sun drenched beaches or go on cruises where direct sun or reflections off the water offer huge exposure to uv rays.
  • Grownups work outside and children play outside.
  • Genetics of people whose culture lives near the equator versus ones where their ancestry lives closer to polar regions are far different and so is their reaction to varying degrees of uv exposure.

    What lives without sunlight?
  • All humans and plant life need vitamin d to live. The primary source of vitamin d is sunlight.
  • Some dermatologists recommend dosages of light to treat certain skin disorders.
  • Sometimes depression is mitigated when light is introduced into a daily routine.
  • Some want a tanned appearance for a prom, wedding, re-union or other occasions. Some pregnant women want to look tanned as well.

    Tanning salons exist to meet people's personal needs from situations like those described above. The value, however, lies in the fact a professional salon can duplicate the sun's natural effects, but does so in a controlled environment. The true professional prescribes a plan to meet the customer's needs.

    This is done by:

  • Skin typing the customer.
  • Matching the correct tanning unit, tanning bulb and exposure time. By doing this the proper amounts of uva, uvb are administered.
  • Recommending lotions for indoor use.
  • Recommending lotions for outdoor use.

    The bottom line
    You can't avoid sunlight altogether. You can and should avoid being burned. A good professional salon can help.

    Make your next tanning experience an adventure in luxury, visit Tan Tropics today.


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